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Frequent Questions

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Lakeland Funeral Home created the Memorial Reception to accommodate our clients’ needs as an alternative to having a memorial service in the chapel followed by a reception. We had many requests from families that did not want a big service but rather a place to have a gathering of people to remember and celebrate the life of their loved one.  The Memorial Reception is held in our reception room for up to two hours and includes a hostess to serve food and beverages and also includes the use of a podium and sound system if people wish to speak.  The Memorial Reception is intended for family members and friends to be able to drop in and stay for a short time or for the duration of the two hours.

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Funeral directors perform many services including:
  • A no charge consultation with the family or individual at our office or in the comfort of their home, to give information, discuss options and finalize arrangements.
  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death and providing shelter prior to cremation or burial.
  • Preparation of the deceased for burial or cremation, including embalming (if requested or required)  and selection of casket or urn.
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation and registrations (proof of death certificate and Canada Pension Plan forms)
  • Assistance with funeral or memorial service, clergy participation, organist, memorial donations, death notices, legal requirements, and any other questions or concerns that you may have.

Traditionally, many choose to have a visitation/wake.  A wake normally involves one or two days of visitation with the casket present.  This provides family and friends an opportunity to say their good-byes and pay their respect to the family of the deceased.  The visitation/wake is then traditionally followed by a funeral service. However, cremation is an option that is becoming more popular.  The casket is place in a cremation chamber where, through a process of heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to fragments of bones that are then pulverized into minute particles known as ashes or cremated remains.

After cremation, the remains are placed in an urn.  The urn can then be either buried or placed in a niche specifically deigned for cremated remains.

Whether you are arranging for a Traditional Burial or Cremation Lakeland Funeral Home can help you with your arrangements and will make sure that you receive the services you want and need.

  1. Did the deceased want to be cremated or buried?
  2. Did they want a funeral, did they want a visitation/wake or family gathering?
  3. Who do they have to call to make the arrangements?

Imagine how much easier it would be if arrangements have been made in advance.

By making your arrangements in advance your family and friends are relieved of the emotional difficulties associated with planning what you would have wanted as your final arrangements.  For more information on pre arranging click here. If you are interested in pre arranging your funeral, please contact us.

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