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Christopher Cathcart

June 15, 2014
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From: Art & Susan Judd

We are very sorry for the untimely death of your father & stepmother. We didn't know them ,we were in one of the vehicles that came along after the horrible tragedy. You don't have to know someone to care.

From: Bob Bova

Farewell Chris. It's been a great ride

From: Allan Cooper

So sorry to hear about Chris and his wife. Another Garry gone too soon. From another Garry

From: Marg Sallows( nee O'Gorman)

To Barbara, Chuck and Catherine, You will not remember me but I am your mother's cousin and live in Orillia not far from where your dad lived.. I was young and a new grad in 1967 and stayed with you and your parents for a week in 1967 at Greisbacht near Edmonton. Both of your parents treated me and my travelling companion like family and I have fond memories of my time with them. You were all little and I remember taking you to the Edmonton Zoo..I liked Chris- he seemed to be a lot of fun and a great host ( as well as furniture builder) . he impressed me. I am so sorry for your loss.

From: George. Service

Chris was a great friend, a sustaining help when times were rough. His loss is tragic

From: Marg Sallows

To Barbara, Chuck and Katherine, I was so sorry to hear about the death of your dad and stepmother on our local news. I am a cousin of your mom Zita, and knew that Chris was in Beaverton area . In fact I almost met him when he was a patient in Orillia ER where I worked for many years. When I signed off his chart for some minor concern I raced down to the room that he was in but missed meeting him..I stayed with your family at Greisbacht near Edmonton in 1967 for one week while doing a 2 month tour of Canada and the US. with a friend. My dad, Zita's uncle , encouraged me to call them and they welcomed us with open arms and were great hosts. We took Barbara and Chuck to the zoo in Edmonton in 1967 ,Chris was a lot of fun as was Zita and they treated us like kings with great meals and hospitality. I am so sorry for your loss and if I am not on holiday ( tentatively planned) I will try and get to Lindsay for the service. Marg Sallows( nee O' Gorman) , not far from here. In 1967 when I was a new grad I travelled with a friend across Canada nd down to California. at that time your parents were near ?Edmonton at Greisbacht And my friend. And I stayed with your family for a week. Your dad tried to recruit us to the services as we would have become officers as newly minted RNs . I have fond memories of our time there and both Chris and .zita were extraordinary hosts

From: Clive Addy

Sincere condolences to the whole family at the loss of a father and I salute my comrade. Clive Addy

From: Mike and Sharon Tanguay

So sorry to hear of your loss. Lots of fond memories from when we were all young in Calgary. Never had any worries when Chris was on my right flank. Once a Garry, always a Garry. Mike and Sharon Tanguay

From: George and Ursula Service

'Ample make this bed, Make this bed with aweI n it wait till judgment break Excellent and fair' When Chris awakens, may he do so to the joyous barking of the dogs he loved so well

From: Diik Somers

I met Chris at the International School of the Hague in Oct 1957, just after arriving in Holland. We quickly hit it off, probably because he knew all the girls and I had a motorbike, which his parents forbade him to own in order to prolong his life! Amazingly his parents allowed him to ride on the back of my motor bike for a few months and couple of crashes that had Chris in bandages and on crutches. After that Chris was condemned to ride street cars were he met even more girls! Chris had a warm, engaging personality and I recall enjoying a lot of good times with him during our high school years. We lost track of each other until a High School reunion 40 years later and really got to know the fine gentleman Chris had become during a week long visit to the Hague with Chris, and classmates Steve Daniels and Charlie Riverterra. Chris told me of his career in the Canadian Army and service on the Golan Heights as a UN observer where he was wounded during the October 1973 war. After surviving his crashes with me and wound on the Golan Heights I always considered him indestructable and ‘am shocked and so sorry he perished in a highway accident close to his home. I deeply regret not flying up to Toronto to meet Sue and see his homestead as we talked about so often on the phone. Chris was a true Canadian patriot, a wise friend who’s advice was always perceptive and helpful. I will dearly miss him and say to him chimo old friend, chimo Chris, may you rest in peace. Diik Somers San Clemente, California

From: Nikki Ayrton

Michael and I were so very sad to be told about the tragic deaths of Sue and Chris. Sue and I were at The Kinglsey School in Leamington Spa, UK together in the seventies, and I have so many happy memories of those days that we all spent together. We send Sue and Chris' families our deepest sympathy. With great affection, Nikki and Michael Ayrton (nee Berry)

From: David Clarke

Stunned and saddened to hear of Sue's untimely passing. Loved working with her at DMHS over the past several years. Still seems unreal. What a champion she was for society's vulnerable people, and just a great-hearted person with a joy for life. Saw her very recently and she was excited about the different projects she had on the go. All gone in a moment. Rest peacefully, Sue. So many remember you so fondly.

From: Rev. Louise Sams

Please accept the sincere condolences of the congregation of Kingsview United Church in Oshawa. Sue recently attended our Sunday service as she accompanied an outreach speaker to Kingsview. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Rev. Louise Sams

From: Lex A

Im so sorry for the families loss, Sue always saw the best in people if there were more ppl like Sue and her husband the world would be a better place.

From: Cathy Warren

Our family was so sad to hear of their deaths. They were dear friends of my brother Ron's, who himself passed away almost 3 years ago. Chris took my parents, my son and I to Toronto numerous times when my brother was sick and was the first one my Mom called when Ron passed away. Chris "adopted" my parents and had actually dropped in to visit the same day of the accident. They were both such kind hearted people, always there when you needed a hand. I had only met Sue once, but my brother always talked about what a wonderful person she was. They were a part of our extended family and will be very missed.

From: Garrett G Stacey

On behalf of the Stacey family: Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Family of Chris and Susan Cathcart... Sue I want to thank you for everything you have done for our community... I wish you and Chris were still with us I wish this was all a dream and were going to wake up and this wasn't happening...

From: Philippa Jones

My heart goes out to Chris and Sue's families at this time. The suddenness has been such a shock to all. I was at school with Sue, part of a close group of friends. i had recently got back into contact with Sue, and we shared a love of horses. She had a great sense of fun and a great deal of vision and determination. Her projects were very important to her and to those they would benefit. Sue, you will be in my thoughts when I ride in the hills

From: Len Chodirker & Caroline Price

Sue was a special person, actively trying to make the world around her better.It's an honour for Caroline & me to have had such a wonderful friend.We will remember her alwaysLen Chodirker & Caroline Price


From: Doug and Sylvia Green

The Celebration of Life today was a wonderful attestation to the love Chris and Sue had for each other and for their remarkable lives of contribution and service to their community. For us who where there at their wedding in 1984, it was evident that this was a most special relationship which has been an inspiration to so many. Farewell friends, and thank you for your "Facta Non Verba" and "Perseverance". Rest in Peace. Doug and Syl

From: Kim and Jackie Drake

Sending our Deepest Sympathy to the Family at this difficult time. Thinking of the Family.

From: John & Anne Leech

We were very sorry to hear of the untimely death of Chris and his wife in an accident. We have good memories of good times together, and send our heartfelt condolences to his family, as well as his brother and sisters. Anne & John

From: Karen Justason were an amazing woman. I only knew you for 3 years but I was proud to call you a friend. Gone forever but never forgotten, another beautiful rose added to God's heavenly garden. My deepest condolences to both families. Karen Justason

From: Beatrice Price

I want to send my love and best wishes at this difficult time. Sue was always such fun to be around, always enthusiastic and living life to the full. We did not see each other often since leaving school, but each time it was a real treat and we enjoyed sharing the memories.

From: Sean Bould

Much respect for your service to the country I still call home from afar. Many thanks for having a hand in Chuck being the man he is and the eternal friendship he has had with my brother Patrick and now me. Thank you for all you have done for us through these gifts. I now wish for you eternal peace. Thank you.

From: Karen Justason

I have known Sue for about 3years. She was the kindest, most caring person I have ever known. She really listened to people. She had a smile that would light up the room and her laugh was so infectious. I met Sue through the peer support group. I wad proud to call her a friend and i will miss her dearly. My deepest condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

From: Liz Blackburn (Brown)

You are in my thoughts and I wish I could be there to help celebrate a wonderful life - your Dad was one of my favourites!!! xx

From: Chris Binns

First met Chris in 1962. We were both convalescing at Sunnybrooke military hospital. Our paths crossed many times over the next 35 years. My deepest condolences.

From: Tracy Gagne Dubreuil

Denis and I are so very sorry to here of your parents passing. We can not attend the services but we are sending our love and sincere condolences. Xoxo.

From: Ray & Doreen Bernier

Our deepest sympathy to the family. So sorry to see another Garry gone Many memories

From: Rita Trolley

I was overwhelmed with grief when I heard about the accident. Your mom and I worked together at DMH throughout the years. She was a wonderful, tenderhearted and kind lady. We always talked horses as we both had them. She just loved to ride. Greatly missed at DMH.

From: Eliane Michele

My sincere condolences’ for the sudden loss of dear Sue and her husband Christopher. I had the privilege to spend 3 weeks with Sue while on training and discovered a witty, caring and so gentle woman. I am so grateful to have taken pictures of her with the horses as I will remember her with great compassion for both human and animal.

From: Alison Johnson

Sue, my dear, dear oldest friend, our dear friend. Full of life-giving energy, enthusiasm, mischief, laughter and caring for everything and everyone. 'I wept, as I remembered, how often you and I Had tired the sun with talking and sent him down the sky'......and though you are now at rest' Still are thy pleasant voices, thy nightingales, awake, For Death, he taketh all away, but them he cannot take.' (William Johnson Cory) With me always. Alison With dear thoughts of you and Chris, brought to friendship with us through your marriage. What a loss. Alison, Johnno and Jack Johnson

From: Thomas Burnie

A good soldier and leader, taken too soon. Sleep well

From: Clair R Lane

I, Slider Welch and many others of us in the Calgary area who served in the Fort Garry Horse and rebadged to the LDSH during the same period of time remember Chris and have many stories of him. He was a good friend and a better soldier. We will all miss him and we send our heart felt condolences to his and Susan's family and friends. Perseverance

From: Mike Davenport

Chris was everyone's favorite customer, he brought smiles & joy whenever he walked into our showroom & he was truly loved by all of our staff & he will be missed more than anyone. I am honoured to have known both Chris & Sue & I my life is better for that! Mike Davenport & Staff

From: From: Beverley Little

I was deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Susan and her husband Christopher. I was a classmate of Susan's at Durham College when we both took our Social Service Worker Diploma. We attended both night school and some day classes together. Susan was always so passionate about social work and we worked on many projects together. As older students, we had many similar outlooks on being in class and following our dreams. Sending much sympathy and Kindest Regards to her family at this most difficult time. Beverley

From: Ross Seeley and all of us at Alden

Sue spent some precious time with us and I will say that I always would marvel at her boundless positive energy, her loyalty and ability to find a perspective on life and circumstance that I would never have seen. She provided balance and gave of herself always, Sue I miss hearing your laughter down the hallway, may you and Chris rest in peace, I am blessed and a better person for having known you, thank you!

From: Carol Gausebeck McKenzie

I met Chris in high school at the International School of The Hague. He was a friendly and fun loving guy! I have many fond memories of that time as teenagers. Then we graduated and lost touch. We got reacquainted as adults 40 years later at a school reunion. What a wonderful, loving, still funny, and caring man. I never got to meet Sue, but know that she was so very important in his life. It is so hard to believe that they are gone. May memories surround you all and give you some comfort. You will be missed by many my friend. Chimo, Chris....Chimo .

From: Bill and Jeneanne Fitzgerald

To Barbara, Chuck and Catherine and John and Rosemary

It's been along (but not long enough) ride since we met Chris at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1971. A man of boundless enthusiasm and energy, he has been a good and lifelong friend ever since and godfather to our son, Roger. We were guests at Chris and Sue's wedding in Haslemere and remember well the good fun at the wedding feast and the kindness and hospitality of the MacLaren family. Sue was such a beautiful person! We spoke to Chris for almost an hour over the telephone just two days before the accident and are so glad to have had that last conversation. We extend our sincere condolences to all of you for the loss of your father and sister.

In sadness, Bill and Jeneanne

From: Susan Brooks Frank

Susan was a light in dark places for so many and a champion of the oppressed. Her stalwart commitment to lifting others to their rightful place in society will remain an inspiration to me for all of my days. Rest now in the arms of The Lord. Dear Lady. You will be missed here on Earth.

From: Pierre Sauve and Suzanne Labelle

Dear Viicky Please accept our heartfelt condolances for the loss of your brother and sister-in-law.Suzanne and Pierre

From: Deb Swailes

Chris & Sue will be missed. I first met Chris when he joined the Body Firm gym in Beaverton many years ago and met Sue through Chris. What a lovely couple! Chris always made me laugh and Sue was just the sweetest person. I had just spoken to Sue about a week before the accident and she told all about the new dog and the cats. Their deaths are such a tragedy. They were taken far too soon. My condolences to all their family.

From: Thea Kooy

I met Chris at the Bodyfirm gym in Beaverton many years ago. He was always good for a great laugh. After than we were introduced to Sue who was a wonderful, warm and caring person. They will be certainly missed in our town. Our sympathies go out to the family. Thea and Jerry

From: Peter Tobin

Richard and Helen: so sorry to learn of this tragic loss. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time. Peter and Lorna

From: Anne Lainchbury

I was at boarding school with Sue and although we had not been in regular contact recently there is always a strong bond with good friends formed in those early years. I was fortunate to have visited sue and chris in Beaverton many years ago and can appreciate the huge gap their tragic loss will leave in the community as well as their families. I shall forever remember a wonderful friend whose sense of fun, infectious laugh - and ability to stretch the rules at school was always to be admired! Anne Lainchbury

From: Janet & Viv Elliott

We live in South Africa and only learned of this terrible news last week. It is still hard to believe. Chris and Sue befriended two people in a strange land in 1995 and we have been great friends since. We spoke telephonically on birthdays and at Christmas and stayed with them whenever we visited Canada- the last time being 2010. They were taken far too soon and will be sorely missed. Love Janet & Viv
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